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Range Brewing 35kW Commercial Install

More production plants and factories are going ahead with solar panels

Gerard, Mitch and Matt of Range Brewing know how to bring people through the doors with delicious pizza and tasty beers. Making pizza, brewing beer and keeping it cold uses a lot of energy – 280kWh per day on average or 14 times the average household.

They had opened one too many scary power bills and engaged us to complete an energy audit. In consultation with Mitch the head brewer, we found that there was a lot of unnecessary night time loads. For example, the 2000L hot water tank was only thermostat controlled and would reheat after a brew day during the evening and use upwards of 100kWh to reach temperature again. We have now installed a timer on the hot water circuit so it will only heat during daylight hours. If Mitch needs the hot water first thing in the morning there is a timer override switch. Another night time load that we have been able to shift into daylight hours is the Glycol refrigerant system which was cycling on and off all night using a lot of energy and not really achieving anything as the fermenters are not that temperature critical. We have put a timer on this system so it won’t start chilling again until 9am when the solar system is producing and the fermenters are only losing 3-4 degrees overnight. The pizza oven is a necessary evil when it comes to energy consumption however we have worked out that turning it on two hours before it is needed maximises energy efficiency. This is because the oven has reached the temperature set point whilst there is still solar production. The oven is then able to maintain temperature with less energy consumption in the evening.

By using Solaredge, a DC optimised system, we were able to orientate the system in three different directions. A North facing system is great for producing a lot of power either side of midday however we needed power from early morning to late afternoon at a more consistent rate. This is why the panels on the upper roof are installed facing east and west on tilt legs and the panels on the lower roof are facing North.

We are excited to see what return on investment we can achieve with this system. One thing we know for sure it will be at least 7 times better than the 4% term deposit at the banks.

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